Reviews of the Tria Blue Light Laser for Acne Treatment

Find Out How the Tria Blue Light Kills Acne Bacteria and Give You Smooth Skin

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Are you tired of using messy acne creams and gels as well as acne drugs without getting the results you desire?

Worse of all, some of these acne treatments have serious side effects!

If you're looking for a gentle and effective acne treatment system, you may want to give the TRIA blue light laser treatment a try! It is the safest and one of the most effective acne treatment method available.

Tria Blue Light Treatment For Acne - The best natural acne treatment

Various scientific studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of using blue light for treatment of acne vulgaris. Due to its treatment success, the narrow band, high intensity blue light has been approved by the FDA for treating acne. It is perhaps the best known light therapy method for treating mild to moderate cases of acne.

Blue light treatment, such as the one from TRIA Beauty, has been clinically-proven to clear acne breakouts three times faster than any other leading acne treatment.

How Does Blue Light therapy treat acne?

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Blue light acne therapy works by killing and stopping the growth of the acne bacteria that is responsible for spreading acne.

As you know, acne is caused by inflammation due to acne bacteria thriving in the clogged pores. By shining blue light at the acne spots, the blue light kills off the bacteria. As a result, acne quickly heals and disappears, sometimes in even less than 24 hours.

Blue Light Acne Treatment Procedure

Blue light therapy are non-invasive and is quick and easy. You just glide the blue light device over the skin as you feel a warming sensation that many users find soothing. With the TRIA blue light device, you only need to use it 2 times a day for about 2-3 minutes to achieve the best results.

You should notice a significant reduction in acne breakouts after 7 days of regular treatments.

No Side Effects For Using Blue Light Acne Treatment

Note that blue light products today do not use UV light, which can cause damage to the skin. Since it is not a UV light, it doesn't cause sunburn or cancer. It is a safe and non-invasive treatment option for acne. So if you don't like taking drugs or don't find any results with current acne treatment therapy, you should definitely give blue light therapy a try. Lots of people have tried it and are having great results from this treatment.

Which Blue Light Acne Treatment Product Works Best?

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Among the blue light acne treatment products I've researched, the TRIA Blue Light device gets my vote. Using advanced engineering, The TRIA delivers 8-10x more blue light than other at-home blue light devices. It has been clinically proven to clear acne breakouts and blemishes better than any other leading acne treatment.

Per TRIA, independent clinical studies shows that "70% of acne breakouts were cleared in just ten TRIA Clarifying Blue Light treatments. After four weeks of use, 100% of users said their skin looked healthier and more radiant, and 93% of participants noticed a smoother complexion and had less frequent and less severe breakouts."(yahoo news)

Before, most people would have to do to a spa or dermatologist to get professional blue light treatments. It was inconvient and costly. Treatments could cost up to $1000-$3000. Thanks to TRIA Beauty, now you can get yourself an affordable at-home blue light acne treatment system.

Cost of Tria Blue Light Laser System

The Tria System is still a little expensive for some people, but if you want a gentle and effective natural acne treatment system that gets you real results, it's definitely worth the money.

With continued use of the TRIA Skin Clarifying System, existing breakouts will be eliminated and future breakouts will be prevented.

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