Secrets to Getting Rid of Blackheads on Your Face

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If you have blackheads on your face, you will soon see the blackheads turning into painful and nasty looking pimples. To prevent those blackheads from becoming those nasty looking pimples, you must take actions to keep those blackheads away!

The best way to avoid blackheads and having blackheads turning into nasty pimples is to prevent your skin from getting blackheads in the first place.

Below, I will discuss the causes of blackheads and EASY steps you can take to prevent blackheads from occurring.

Causes of blackheads:

The following conditions usually lead to blackheads:

  • Excess of oil on the pores - Stress, diet and hormone activitiy changes are major factors that can stimulate the oil gland secretions.
  • Excess of dead skin cells on the surface of the skin, which blocks the pore openings.
  • Use of skin care and beauty care products on the face that contain too much oil.

Guidelines to Prevent Blackheads

As you can see from the above, the main causes of blackheads are oily skin and blocked pores. To prevent and get rid of blackheads, keep the skin as clean and oi-free as possible. Here are guidelines on how to get rid and prevent blackheads:

  • If you want to prevent blackheads, stop using oil-based skin care products and make-up. These oil-based products will clog your pores, increasing the chance of developing blackheads. You should opt for gentle, natural and organic based, oil-free and non-comedogenic (doesn't clog pores) skin care products and mineral make up products instead. The mineral make up use mineral powders and other natural ingredients which are good for your skin and doesn't contain oil or preservatives that can clog the pores.
  • Use skin care products that are designed for oily skin - A good skin care products for oily skin are the products from Mario Badescu. Mario Badescu's skin care products are celebrities' best kept secrets. Their products use high quality and natural ingredients to help control the oil and prevent acne and pimples breakouts.
  • Eat healthy food & control stress - By eating healthy and avoiding stress, your body & immune system is stronger and you also prevent the oil gland from producing excessive oil. Avoid fast food, fried, greasy, salty, sweet, carbo-rich food and consume more fresh and healthy food such as fish, veggies, and fruits.
  • Apply a clay mask 2 times a week to absorb the excess oil and to tighten the pores - Clay mask from Mario Badescu is highly recommended for people with excessively oily skin.
  • Steam your face regularly - Steaming is a effective way to deep clean the pores. The steam helps to open up the pores and allow you to remove dead skin cells, oils, blackheads. You can do this 2 times a week. You can go to a steam room or sauna room at a local gym or you can do it at home. To do it at home, follow tips below:

    Boil a pot of water. You can also add herbs such as rosemary, peppermint, lemon, or chamomile. Allow to water to cool down a bit to avoid burning your skin. Drape a towel over your head to prevent the steam from escaping and put your face directly above the steam. Do this for 10-15 minutes and then rinse your face with lukewarm water. Then splash ice cold water on your face to close the pores.

    Alternatively, you can also go to a sauna at your local gym.
  • Exfoliate regularly to remove dead skin cells - Presence of dead skin cells can clog the pores, leading to blackheads and acne problems. Exfoliation helps to clear away the dead skin cells and excess oil.

In addition to following the above guidelines, below are some effective skin care products that help to prevent your skin from forming blackheads. They are really great products and are worth trying!

Use Clarisonic and Never Get Blackheads Again!

If there's one skin care product that you should get to prevent blackheads and pimples, it would be the Clarisonic Skin Cleansing sytem. This is truly one of the best skin care product invention ever.

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This marvelous skin cleansing system, which is based on a brush technology that is similar to the Sonic care toothbrush, thoroughly cleanses and massages your skin to help you get rid of blackheads, prevent pimples, shrink appearance of pore size, and gives you clear and glowing skin. It is one of Oprah's as well as my favorite skin care product!

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To your beautiful skin!

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