Best At Home Laser Light Acne Treatment

at home blue light acne treatment device

By now, you have probably tried over the counter acne creams as well as prescription antibiotics without the desired results.

In some cases, these acne creams even cause skin redness and skin sensitivity!

As you know, acne is triggered by the proliferating growth of acne bacteria at the skin's pores. So one way to destroy acne and stop its growth is to kill the acne bacteria. While most creams and over the counter treatments try to kill acne bacteria by using benzoyl peroxide, this form of treatment can cause skin redness and skin sensitivity.

One of the best modern acne treatment to successfully kill and stop the growth of acne is laser acne treatment without causing skin sensitivity is laser light treatment.

Types of Home Laser Treatment for Acne

In the past, you can only get laser acne treatment at a doctor's office. And the treatment is usually expensive! Thanks to modern science, you now have at home laser acne treatments available to you at affordable costs.

Introducing Blue Light Laser Therapy

Blue light is a painless laser treatment designed to destroy the P. acnes acne bacteria. You can treat your entire face with the blue light or you can target a specific area. Just glide the tip of the blue light laser device over your face in a continuously movement.

For best results, you should use it daily. You will notice results after 2 weeks of treatment. With continual usage, you’ll notice clearer, smoother, more even-toned skin. Each session lasts only 5 minutes. Blue light works really well for mild to moderate cases of inflammatory acne. One of the best FDA approved blue light laser is the Tria blue light laser acne therapy device.

Cost of At Home Blue Light Treatment Device

The cost of these at home blue light laser treatment device can cost any where from $200 to $300 dollars to start. Additional costs, such as costs of treatment cartridge. The treatment cartridge helps to activate the blue light device, ensuring that acne destroying level of blue light are delivered deep into the skin. A cartridge usually costs around $40 and usually lasts 2 months.

Are there Side Effects?

Blue light laser treatment is FDA approved and is safe since it is not a UV light source.

What Else Can You Do to Keep Acne Away and Enjoy Clear, Smooth Skin

You should know that acne is triggered by a combination of factors. It starts when your pores are clogged with oil, dead skin cells, and toxins. Hormone overdrive, which leads to excessive oil production usually leads to clogging of the pores.

When that happens, you get proliferation of acne bacteria! In combination with using the blue light laser treatment device, you should follow proper acne skin care and eat a healthy, acne-free diet to keep your hormone regulated. With a healthy diet, healthly lifestyle, proper skin care, and by using the at home acne light treatment, you should enjoy clear, smooth, and glowing skin in the days ahead!