Is Jane Iredale Organic Mineral Makeups Good For Your Skin?

"Why Skin Care Specialists and Dermatologists Rave About Jane Iredale Makeups!"

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Do you know that the chemicals and ingredients used in your personal care and cosmetic products are not regulated by the FDA?

Most cosmetic products in the market contain loads of harmful chemicals and toxic ingredients. Besides being harmful to your skin and health, these chemicals can cause clogging of the pores and skin irritations.

As a result, more and more people are embracing Natural cosmetic products such as Jane Iredale Natural Mineral Make-ups.

What are the benefits of using Jane iredale Natural Mineral makeups?

I have used Jane Iredale Natural Mineral make-ups for awhile now and I found them to be actually good for my skin. I could see the reason why. The iron, zinc oxides, and natural botanical extracts that are found in Jane Iredale cosmetics have anti-inflammory, anti-aging, anti-bacteria, and sun protection properties that are good for the skin.

Initially, I have doubts that natural makeup products can give you the pigment load and quality of conventional makeups. To my surprise, Jane Iredale natural mineral makeups make my skin look fabulous!

Why is Jane Iredale the best organic mineral makeup products in the market?

I have extensively researched the mineral makeups market and found the Jane Iredale line of natural mineral cosmetics to be among the best that meet my high standards. Why are they #1?

First of all, I like the fact that they use only the purest and high quality natural ingredients, ensuring that the products are safe and gentle on your skin. Some mineral makeup products contain bismuth oxychloride, which is known to cause skin irritations and breakouts. Some mineral makeup products also may contain low quality or little minerals and other cheap, toxic ingredients. Jane Iredale Natural Mineral makeups do not contain bismuth oxychloride or synthetic preservatives, dyes, and fillers.

Jane Iredale makeup products also contain natural sunblock, are waterproof, and are less likely to cause skin irritation, unlike other products that contain loads of toxic and irritating ingredients.

As a testament to the superiority of her products, the company received numerous awards and was voted best makeup products from leading beauty magazines such as Elle, Skin Inc, Allure, and Natural Health. Recently, the Liquid Minerals product was the 2008 award winner for the Natural Health Beauty Awards Best Foundation Award.

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Jane Iredale Natural Mineral Cosmetics - Safest MakeUp for Your Skin

Jane Iredale Organic Mineral Cosmetics are recommended by many dermatologists and skin experts to their patients.

Her mineral make-ups are so pure that plastic surgeons use them on skin that has just undergone laser resurfacing.

Jane Iredale's extensive product line consists of her Amazing Bases and full facial makeup line, which includes the lash and lip products, brushes, and sponges.

Truth to her promotion of the 'Beauty with Benefits' promotion, her makeups are non-comedogenic, anti-inflammatory, has sun (SPF20) protection, water resistant, and bacteria resistant.

The products contain micronized minerals that cover your imperfections without clogging your pores or causing skin irritations. With the addition of soothing ingredients like Algae Extract and Pomegranate Extract, they help to improve and protect your skin.

In addition, the products are made without fillers or binders, such as Talc or Mineral Oil, are free of chemical dyes and preservatives, and are never tested on animals.

Customers' Favorite Jane Iredale Products

Here are the top products from Jane Iredale:

  • Liquid Minerals - My favorite product from Jane Iredale is definitely the Liquid Minerals. First of all, the packaging is incredible! With a beautiful and elegant gold packaging, you'd be proud to show if off to you friends! It is truly a great piece of art. Compared to traditional foundations, the Liquid Minerals is very light. When I applied it on my skin with a cotton ball, it felt very light and the coverage was amazing! Best of all, it makes my skin look very natural and not cakey. Furthermore, it lasts quite well throughout the day, earning me compliments from friends and folks at the supermarket! Yippie!!!
  • Just Kissed lip Plumper - The Lip Plumper product has fabulous color and texture! Also gives you a smooth, soft, tingling feeling on the lips. I love this product!
  • PurePressed Base SPF 20 - This light weight, highly pigmented PurePressed Base applies evenly and easily, providing long-lasting, beautiful coverage. It acts as a concealer, foundation, powder and sunscreen, cutting down the amount of time you spend applying your makeup. Very gentle so it is perfect for oily, acne, rosacea and sensitive skin
  • Longest Lash Mascara - Has a great texture and color and stays on all day. Also, it doesn't start crumbling after a while like most mascaras.
  • Powder-Me SPF 30 Dry Sunscreen - If you have oily, sensitive, and acne prone skin, this is the ideal sunscreen product for you to use. This powder is superlight, non-greasy, finely-milled and contains Titanium Dioxide to protect your skin from UVB and UVA. You can wear it under or over makeups. It also contains Pomegranate to fight free radical damage in the skin. The Translucent formula disappears and blends on all skin colors for a fresh, clean finish.Another thing I like about this product is that you can just throw it in your purse and take it anywhere with you.

In summary, Jane Iredale is a premiere makeup that makes you look good and also is beneificial for your skin. From numerous positive ravings andreviews among users, doctors, and leading beauty magazines, you can be sure that this is an excellent makeup product! It is on the pricey side though, but you're paying for a good quality product that has great coverage and a lasting natural looks. .

Are you ready to experience beautiful makeup that is healthy for your skin?

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Rating & Actual User Feedback

Product rating:

Quality: 9.5/10
Ease of Application: 10/10
Ease of Removal: 10/10
Reviewers Rating: 9/10
Value for Money: 9/10

Actual Customer Feedback:

"...I love, love, love your Liquid Minerals. Warm silk is a great match for my skin tone, and just a tiny drop makes my skin look flawless and lasts all day. The pump bottle should win every packaging award that exists. I use it every day and one bottle lasted 5 months!
It's clear that you really care about the quality of the products that carry your name. Your goal to improve the look and texture of each individual's skin is something that is overlooked in the cosmetic community...."
-S.F. City

"I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this product! It works great! I would definitly recommend this product to any of my friends!!! It is one of my favorite make-up materials I have tried in my life! ABSOLUTELY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!"
-Marion, IL

"The Powder Make up feels very natural. Lightly covers uneven skintone. For heavy coverage you could use a wet sponge. Doesn't stay on all day in high humidity. I've tried many powders before, this one is my favorite. It's not available in stores arround here, I have to order online. You don't need to use alot, a little goes a long way."
-Oro Valley, AZ


The Jane Iredale Natural Mineral Makeup is simply the best because they use the purest natural ingredients and formulated to be gentle and beautiful on your skin.

The quality of the product is backed by the strong testimonials from many satisfied customers.

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Product Details

Ingredients & Product Specifications:

The cosmetics from Jane Iredale use high quality and pure ingredients. They're also free of many of the synthetics, preservatives, bismuth oxychloride, petro-chemical, dyes and fillers found in traditional cosmetics.

As a result, they're very gentle on your skin.

Return Policy:

30 days money back guarantee

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