Find Out the Best Natural Acne Treatment & Remedy to Permanently Destroy Acne and Give You Smooth, Glowing Skin...Guaranteed!

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Are you tired of using over the counter acne products and not getting the results? There are effective and natural acne treatment remedy you can try to cure acne and pimples naturally. And the benefit is that it is safe and natural and doesn't cause skin sensitivity or any side effects.

After years of research, I have discovered that acne and bad skin is related to toxins overload in the body. Our bodies are constantly bombarded with harmful toxins, from the unhealthy food and dieting to the polluted air we breath, and the chemicals in the products we use daily.

Health Problems Caused by Toxins Overload

Our internal organs such as the liver and kidney are designed to help the body detoxify and filter out the toxins. But because of bad dieting and exposure to chemicals, the body's detox system get overloaded. When this happens, it can result in various health issues such as a weaker immune system, cancer, weight gain, lack of energy, and skin problems such as acne.

How do Toxins Overload Lead to Acne & Bad Skin?

Sebum combines with dead skin cells and toxins to clog the pores, igniting bacteria growth and leading to inflammation.
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Toxins overload can lead to acne in 2 ways. First, it impairs the liver function. As a result, it leads to hormonal imbalance and causes the body to produce excessive oil. Secondly, toxins try to escape from the body through the skin. Thus, the combination of toxins and oil clog the pores, leading to explosion of acne and pimples.

The best method to treat and cure acne naturally is to clean out the toxins in your body and strengthen your liver function. It's as simple as that!

Below, I will share with you a few very effective natural acne treatment and remedy that can safely cure your acne problem and give you clear, beautiful skin.

1) Detoxify and cleanse the colon and liver

As I mentioned above, one of the main causes of acne and other skin problems is toxins overload in the body. The best natural method to to remove toxins from the body is to do a colon cleanse and liver cleanse. Below are the steps you can take to help your body detoxify and strengthen the liver.

  • Colon cleanse - It is best to do a total body cleanse detox at least once every year for a period of 3-8 weeks. Doing so will get rid of most of the toxins in your body and your overall health will improve! It is recommended to take probiotic supplements during and after colon cleansing regimen. During a colon cleanse, toxins are removed as well as friendly bacteria. Thus, it is essential to replenish the body with the good bacteria. Probiotics are live strains of good bacteria. These include bacteria such as lactobacillus and acidopilus. These good bacteria provides many health-promoting activities such as protecting us from pathogens, helping with digestion and absorption of nutrients, while promoting normal, healthy digestive function.
  • Liver cleanse - It is best to follow up the colon cleanse with a liver cleanse. The health of our liver is extremely important to our health. An overloaded liver is the root cause of many health issues such as acne, yeast infection, hormonal imbalance, low energy, headaches, etc. You can find many good colon and liver cleansing products at your local health or drug stores. You may want to start with a low dosage first and see how your body reacts to it and then slowly increase the dosage.

Note that it is important to follow a healthy dieting and lifestyle after you have done your body detox cleansing. It is kind of fruitless to cleanse your body and revert back to eating unhealthy food and follow unhealthy habits.

Besides doing the total body cleanse detox once every year, you should prevent toxins build up in your body by following the daily guidelines below:

  • Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water a day - Drinking water hydrates the skin and helps to flush out the toxins from the body. You can add lemon juice and honey to make it more effective.
  • Practice deep breathing daily - Deep breathing exercise can remove toxins and lead to a host of health benefits. You should try to do deep breathing/meditation exercises for 15-20 minutes in the morning and before going to bed.
  • Eat fresh, organic, unprocessed food - The food we eat today are loaded with hormones and pesticides. Therefore, it is recommended to eat fresh, organic, and unprocessed food as much as possible.
  • Eliminate or reduce consumption of alcohol, nicotine, fried food, and sugars as much as possible.
  • Consume lots of fibers by eating apples and oatmeal - Fibers are very effective at cleansing the colon inside the body of toxins.
  • Get a water filter for your shower head - The water we shower and bath in contains chlorine as well as other toxic metals that can cause dry skin and dry hair. It is recommended to get a water filter for your shower head.

By doing the colon and liver cleansing and following the above healthy dieting and lifestyle habits, you will be able to not only have clear, beautiful skin but more energy, a trimmer body, and your overall health will improve a lot! That is the best recipe for natural acne treatment also. Trust me on this!

2) Using Light Therapy to Kill Acne Bacteria

Using light therapy is a recent innovative method of treating acne. Thanks to great advances in recently years, using light therapy to treat acne is becoming a viable treatment option for acne sufferers. Furthermore, it is the only non-invasive and non-pharmacological (no drugs) acne treatment method.

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Light Acne Therapy uses a blue light to kill the acne bacteria. As you know, acne is caused by inflammation due to acne bacteria thriving in the clogged pores. By shining blue light at the acne spots, the blue light kills off the bacteria. As a result, acne quickly heals and disappears, sometimes in even less than 24 hours.

Blue light also works for severe acne since severe acne is packed with bacteria. Due to its success as a viable acne treatment option, blue light treatment has received the FDA approval.

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Furthermore, it is a safe and quick treatment with mild side effects. The number of your treatments, length of treatment, your treatment intervals may vary with the severity of your acne. Each treatment session usually lasts about 15 minutes. Most people notice vast improvement after a few weeks of treatment.

So if you don't like taking drugs or don't find any results with current acne treatment therapy, you should definitely give light therapy a try. Lots of people have tried and are having great results from this treatment.

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