Follow These 9 Secrets to Control Oily Skin & Prevent Acne

tips of acne and oily skin

If you have oily and acne prone skin, you have come to the right place for answers. The problems of having oily skin is that it tends to cause clogging of the pores, leading to ugly acne problem.

Therefore, maintaining a proper skin care routine and taking care of your health is vital to keeping your skin clear and free of impurities and oil.

It is imperative for the pores of your skin to be clean and unclogged to prevent acne bacteria attack. Excess sebum oil, when combined with dead skin cells, can clog the pores and draws bacteria to the pores. Bacteria feeds on oil, grows on oil.

The presence of bacteria is something which contributes substantially to the growth of pimples.If you have overall cleanliness of the skin, you can lessen the chance of pimples.

Adopt the following habits and skin care routines to reduce oil production and prevent acne:

1) Avoid Skin Care Products with Irritating Ingredients - If you have sensitive or oily skin, it is of utmost importance to stay away from products that have harsh and irritating ingredients. Irritating ingredients such as SD alcohol, fragrance, astrigents, and menthol can cause the pores to produce more oil.

Try to use skin care products that are designed for oily skin and have more gentle, calming ingredients. A good brand to use is Mario's skin care products. Their products use high quality and natural ingredients to help control the oil and prevent acne and pimples breakouts. Below are the list of products from Mario Badescu that you should use to control the oil.

  • Botanical facial gel - This is a refreshing oil controlling cleanser. This non-soap, non-foaming, gel cleanser removes make-up, dirt and oil thoroughly without over drying skin. The Exfoliating Alpha Hydroxy formula helps prevent build-up that can cause blackheads and pimples.
  • Control Moisturizer for Oily skin - This oil-free, Balsam Peru moisturizing formula is excellent for hydrating and soothing acne inflamed and oily skin. It reduces redness upon application while it provides the needed moisture balance from aggressive acne treatments.
  • Special Mask for Oily Skin - This clay and Calamine mask is great for controlling build-up and surface oils. Ideal for excessively oily and congested skin to maintain clean, healthy skin.

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2) Wash your face morning and night - While you may be tempted to wash your face throughout the day, doing so would only dries your skin and causing the skin to produce more oil.

3) Use oil-free makeup - Stay away from make ups that have moisturizers in them. You might want to try mineral based makeups as they are more gentle on the skin and do not contain as much harmful chemicals as regular make ups.

4) Carry some oil blotting paper with you - Blotting papers are fantastic for removing the oil on your forehead and face. They don't dry out your skin either! Lightly press it against the oily area for about 10 seconds to allow it to absorb the oil.

5) Drink around 10-12 full glasses of water each day - You can add natural lemon juice to the water to make it more effective in ridding the body of toxins. It is the toxins that increases the presence of bacteria on your skin and can also cause the body to produce excess oil.

6) Reduce stress - Stress is very dangerous for your health. It weakens the immune system and cause the body's level of cortisol (stress hormone) to go up. This leads to the increase of your blood sugar and causes the body to produce more oil on the skin. Stress is perhaps one of the main problem that lead to acne among most people, especially adults. It's understandable that certain events in your life can cause you to feel stress. What you must do is to manage and relieve the stress.

7) Perform body cleanse detox and take daily actions to remove toxins from the body - Toxins overload in the body may lead to imbalance of the hormone, which result in the oil gland producing excess oil. Take steps to remove toxins from the body by doing a colon cleanse, drinking adequate water, and eating food that is rich in fibers.

8) Eat plenty of vegetable and fruits or the acne-free diet - Green vegetable and fruits contain vital vitamins and antioxidants that help nourish the skin and detoxify the body.

9) Do not use sunscreen products that are oily and greasy - Most sunscreen products out there are very oily and greasy and can clog the pores, making your acne worse.

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Having oily skin can be a curse as it is more prone to acne problems. However, if you follow the above tips, you can control the oil and lessen your chance of developing acne.

If have mild acne problem and on occassional you have those pimple break outs, it's recommended to have the acne control kit from Mario Badescu to heal up and dry those pimples overnight.

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